Community is where believers are being equiped to give meaning to discipleship in everyday life.

Alpha Course – Meet, ask and discover!

Every once in a while a Alpha course is held in our church. Searching the meaning of life with others. That is Alpha. During about 10 interactive and pleasant evenings you can discover what Christian faith is.

This alpha course is held in Dutch only at this moment.

Bible study about Fruit of the Spirit

In February 2018, a nine-part Bible study on the fruit of the Spirit will start at the Baptist church in Groningen!

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Bible course about Revelations

Starting in the winter of 2014 up to spring 2016 a lecture was given in our church about the Bible book of Revelation. Emeritus reverend A. de Vries explains in sixteen parts what the book contains and what you can learn from it. All parts are available on Youtube

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