Our community provides a place for everybody, young and old together, to experience fun and inspiration in their faith.

Mini Kidz

Babies and toddlers have their own space to play during the Sunday service.

Kings Kids

Children of the age 4 up to 11 years remain in the Sunday service until the children’s event during the service. Afterwards the children and the staff go to  a special area for the Kings Kids to have their own Sunday Service with Bible reading, music, creative works and other activities. Please come over!


Rock Solid Teens

Teenagers in the age of  11 up to 18 years join together every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month during the Sunday Service to talk about faith, about life and about the Bible. With music, creativity or a serious discussion. We meet up in our own space in the basement of the church building “de Cirkel ” and love to meet you!

Community Growth Groups

Our church has several Community growth groups (also called GGG or in Dutch: Gemeente Groei Groepen) . Growth groups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God and just have fun! Each group comes together on specific moments in a week or month in different locations, i.e. our church building “de Cirkel” or at a members home.

Like to join a group? Here’s how it works: contact our coordinator Gerrit de Vries for more information.

Music teams

Sunday services are accompanied by several music teams. The composition of each music team varies, i.e. a entire band with keyboard, drum, guitar, bass guitar and vocalists but also small ensembles with piano, flute and vocalists.

Are you developed musically and interested to join a music team? Contact Joke

Sister Group

Our sister group comes together every Wednesday at 14:15h in our church building “de Cirkel”. This group is aiding missionary work by sending packages and supported by several women from our community, i.e. handcraft and knitting. All kinds of programmes are provided by small groups or the committee. Contact Ria.

Fishing club

Our community has a club of fishermen who regularly sit along the waterfront to catch fish. In addition they organize an annual evening party in our church together with the theater group ODI. For more information, contact Andre.