The baptist community in the area of the neighbourhood Korrewegwijk of Groningen city.

Practical help (Hulp in de praktijk)

We offer help to people in our district via Christian foundation HiP (Hulp in Praktijk or Practical Help). For example getting groceries, arranging transportation, refurbishing homes, helping out with difficult form, or just a small visit with some social talk.

Call : 050-7370275 or use this form (only in Dutch)

More information about HiP

Stichting Present

We also offer help via Stichting Present. This foundation scouts for volunteers who like to do things for people who do not have the proper ability to do it themselves. This concerns projects for groups, like helping someone to move out from one home to another, laying laminate, wallpapering, painting or clean up a home or garden.

Learn more about Stichting Present in Groningen